Let's Go Monotone: 5 looks, 1 shade.

So something I've been loving lately, and also something I've been seeing a lot of are monotone eyeshadow looks. Which is where, basically, you use one eyeshadow and that's it. I mean you could use one or two shades from the same colour family, or a matte and shimmer version of the same colour, but you get my point, it's one shade all across the lid. And it's so simple, yet still versatile I thought I'd show you a few variations on the monotone eyeshadow looks that I've been loving lately.  

1. Editorial.  

Not for the faint of heart, but if your bold and love making a statement with your makeup then this might be for you, sweeping your single shade across the entire lid, then blending upwards with a clean blending brush gives that smokey effect, for my eyes I also blend on an angle towards the outer corner of my eye (look below, you'll see what I mean.) Also blending underneath the eye and re-connecting it with your upper lid gives that dramatic/editorial look. And it's been one of my faves. 


2. Matte vs Shimmer.  

So the first thing I do for this look is use the matte shade as my crease or "transition" colour. Then with a damp brush I go in with my shimmer shade across the lid. The point of this is that the two shades should be pretty much the same, but if you're not into this style then you adapt the technique to mix any shades... it's all in good fun.  


3. Extended liner.  

Alternatively to an actual eyeshadow look, you can use one shade as a liner, any shade, have fun with it, be creative, and the good thing about using shadows is that you can leave it as a sharp line (pref with a damp liner brush) or you can soften the edges slightly and make it more soft and gentle.  


4. For your lids only.  

Literally put the shade of your choice on your lids, blend out the edges and you're done. Probably the easiest makeup look you'll ever do in your entire life....  


5. I can see your Halo.  

Pretty similar to the Matte vs Shimmer look, although instead of just placing the matte in your crease you'll bring it down into the inner eye and increase the depth of the shade to create the "halo" effect, then you can place your shimmer shade or a lighter shade into the centre. Layering is key with this look... so is blending.  



So there we have it, 5 looks, 1 shade and endless possibilities. Will you be recreating any of these looks? Do you like the monotone style? Let me know in the comments, and if you want more in depth video tutorials of any of these looks then let me know in the comments x  

And I'll see you tomorrow with another post x  

Jamie-Leigh xx 


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